Who We Are

Komcore was founded in 2013 to develop unique and innovative software for personal and professional use. Our main goal was and still is to fill the market need for exceptional products while emphasizing service and support.

From the beginning, our main objective has been to develop free and low-cost quality software while providing customers with exceptional support. He focused on developing software that was easy for the average user to operate, and compatible enough to run on any Windows machine.

Today Komcore has set its mark in offering quality software and providing consumers with unprecedented customer support. Komcore is preparing to release a new class of applications and services that will surely impress consumers. We are very enthusiastic about the upcoming months ahead. We are presently developing products that are designed to push the limits of ground-breaking technology.

Komcore's broad product range enables us to serve multiple demographics in North America, Europe, and Asia.”

Our Customers

The support staff at Komcore treat each and every customer as an individual, and we take the necessary time to answer any inquiries our customers might have.

Beyond service and support, we also offer our customers "ease of mind" when using our services. We are strongly committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of our customers.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment when visiting our website(s). We do not share personal information about our customers with advertisers, organizations, or any other third party. Any information collected by Komcore is used for internal purposes only. Every step is taken to protect the information you share with us, and your personal information is never used for marketing purposes.

The employees here at Komcore knows the importance of securing the privacy and private information provided by users of our web sites, customers of our products, and recipients of our monthly e-mail newsletters.